Email… We can write it for you

Email has an average ROI of $44.00 for every $1 invested.


Email is old news right? Actually, your customer’s inbox is a great place for you to be. There you will be able to engage with the people who really care about your message and industry.

What you say, how often you say it, how it looks and your goal for sending the email all matter. We can write email campaigns for you to get the results you want. Here is a few great things email can help you do. Email is a huge part of funnels.

• Branding to remind your current customers of you for when they want to buy

• Create a campaign to the reach the people who have not bought yet

• Retarget additional products that compliment what they already bought

• Get referrals

• Promote a webinar or event

• Educate and show you care about them

• Survey to get feedback and improve your business

• Tell a story, keep a friend


But what to say? How often to send so they don’t unsubscribe? It all depends on your goal. Contact us today to see how we can help



There are 3 Types of Emails. Broadcast, Email, Triggered Email and Relational Email

There are lots of campaigns, for different outcomes using email.