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How much do you charge?
Every job is different. I do custom quotes based on your needs, however, websites start at $1000 and Facebook Marketing starts at $400, which includes paying Facebook for your ads.

How long does it take to get a website?
Typically we shoot for 45 days. We start working when you have paid 50% upfront and sent back the questionaire and your artwork, like a logo and pictures. The faster we get it, the faster we can complete it. Building a website is a collaborative event. Your business is special to you and the here just do this for me method can be fine in some instances, but overall you will be happier with the end result if you participate.

How long does it take to get a funnel? 

That depends on if you have your video ready, know your offer and already have a merchant account if needed, before the work begins.  Your Funnel will get up to 2 changes before live and takes around a week



How do I know if my marketing is working?
Facebook is easy to measure, SEO is easy to measure, Google Adwords easy to measure. We share your analytics with you so you see what is working and what needs to be reworked.  One of the tools we use is A B testing, which allows us to measure different ads and adjust your spend toward the one that is working the best. Some programs take longer to get results, such as SEO vs SEM. Just having a website is the first step, you have drive traffic to your website, if your goal is to convert business, make sales or get leads from your website.

Billing for Stand-Alone Items Websites, Email, Set Up Fees, Funnels

  Billing for Monthy Marketing Items Google, Facebook, Social Media  ( enter the amount on your agreement)


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