I know you know what a website is. Some websites are brochures, some are stores, some educate, some sell, some provide a service, some have phone numbers and contact info,some are easy to use. They should be mobile friendly and easy to navigate no matter why they exist. For business,they are your place on main street, before the customer even knows you. The sites we offer are WordPress. WordPress is an extremely popular Content Management System. Developed originally for blogs, WordPress offers a great degree of flexibility and functionality.


Search Engine Optimization. “Organic search” Making your website attractive to search engines like Google, so you rank on the 1st page. SEO work is done to your website, both on the backend and what you see. It is also done by doing off site work, such as linking to relative sites that relate to your site, being mentioned in blogs and social media. Having your business listings correct across the web, so Google is not confused. SEO is not a one and done process to continue to rank for the keywords you want because your competition is doing SEO too.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has 10 billion users. The average American is on Facebook 1.5 hours a day. It crosses every race, income level, age over 18, sex, education level and interests almost equally. It knows everything about you and your customers. And we can get your message in front of those people very effectively. It has changed the way we do business, much like Google did back in 1999.
It is not going anywhere, so you may as well embrace it and make it work for you.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom with a 3800% ROI and $38 for every $1 spent. No other media allows you to influence your audience so effectively. Grow your list, grow your business. There is an art and a science to great email marketing. Retargeting is a big part of it. Some messages can be automated and some need to custom crafted to achieve your goal. Today people are bombarded with so many messages, make your email the email they want to open, read and act on,


Those crazy ads that follow you all over the internet. You looked at some shoes last night online, now half the sites you go to have those shoes popping up. Why? Becuase you may still be in the market for the shoes and the seller wants to remind you to come back to the store. These are tracked using a pixel or a cookie that sees your IP address. You can do that too and remind your potential customers to come to you too. It is genius and it works.

Search Engine Marketing

Want to be at the top of Google when you want? Adwords or PPC does that. 92% of Googlers never go to page 2, of those 54% of Googlers don’t scroll past the middle of the page. That is very VALUABLE real estate for a business. Your ad will appear based on a key word group and a location. What you pay is typically by the click and that rate is an auction driven by the market. Companies pay more to be at the top but the get higher conversions than bottom of the page advertisers. This are just the basics of how adwords works.

Google Quality Score

Google assigns each website a quality score based on 200 measurements that are secret to them. Different things on your site are more important to Google, therefore weigh more. Good content, quality backlinks, etc are obvious..others we just don’t know. This is the Google Algorithm, it changes all the time. Always use white hat practices to keep your quality score high. It will also save you money in AdWords campaigns if your quality score is higher than your competitor.

Facebook Edgerank

Facebook has a quality score they call Edge Rank. Edge Rank determines how many of your fans see the posts you are putting on your business page. Most posts are suppressed, but the better your rank the more of your fans see your content and are reminded of your business. It only looks at 10 major things for your business page on Facebook. Some of the things it scores are your posts, like frequency, and content. Video ranks better than a picture, a picture better than text only, or example.

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