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  Generate leads with Facebook, Google & Bing 

Use retargeting to create loyalty from the clients

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What Can Sparkle Baby Media Do For My Business?


WordPress Web Design

Beautiful. Websites that are responsive so it will look great on any platform. 100% Custom.
Own your site, don’t rent it. You will have complete control of your site


Sales Pages

Lead pages or Click funnels, are all the same thing. They are not a website, but a system to lead the shopper on a journey you control so they buy now. They are very effective in converting leads to sales.


Social Media Ads

  Post on your page for you. Create ads for you and put them in front of the people who don’t know you. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest



Adwords campaigns to drive leads based on keywords and a geographical. Be in front of shoppers who are buying now by being on page one of Google.


Email Campaigns

Writing Email for you.Email is still has the highest ROI of retargeting for upsells and customer retention.  Get more referrals and grow customer loyalty.


Google Display Campaigns

Consumers get distracted easily. Using Google Display ads brings your back to top of mind using sites they are visiting.


Sparkle Baby Media was born from a need in the market for business to have professional help navigating the confusing world of digital marketing and social media. It is critical to also have an excellent website, a strategic follow-up system with email ,social media and a marketing campaign on search engines, like Google because ALL parts work together to create success for a business. One missing piece of a marketing program can make all the difference in success and failure in digital marketing.

We can do one piece that is missing for you, like just Facebook, or all of it.

Holly Edwards has over 21 years of experience working for a national advertising agency selling digital media, marketing, and advertising. Sparkle Baby Media is about a great customer experience, working with your goals to make your company’s growth happen.



Grab attention! 
Facebook Ads
TV, Radio Direct Mail
Influencer Marketing

They need to know they have a problem and you are the solution.


How are they going to fix this problem? Shoppers do research

Be where they are looking.

Google. Bing.  Adwords. Youtube. 
Referrals Testimonials
Social Proof 


Offer them something small
Sell them something bigger

Sales Page
Website, then Email
Retargeting campaigns for upsells


1st 100 Days Critical 

Do what you promise!
Show them you are thinking of them with email, video, calls and even send Thank you gifts.  Have a follow up system after the sale.


If you follow the loyalty step you will get raving fans who…

Buy everything you have

Buy everything you recommend

that is not even yours.

Tells friends about you

Loves you

Lifetime customer


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